Warrington's mental health campaign for men and young people

Adult Men IYC

 The aim of Warrington's In Your Corner campaign is to:

  • Help men and young people to recognise mental health problems in themselves and others.
  • Break down stigma in relation to mental health problems.
  • Encourage men and young people to seek support if they need it.
  • Encourage men and young people to support their mates (and be in their corner) if they are acting differently, or finding it hard to cope. (In boxing the corner man’s role is to assist his teammate in the ring).
  • Let men and young people know they can find links to mental health information, advice and support on this website.

Support services for men

Follow the steps below to find the list of local and national support services for men:

  1. Click the blue button “adults click here” above
  2. Then click the dropdown heading “organisations which support men”

Support services for young people

Follow the steps below to find the list of local and national support services for young people:

  1. Click the blue button “children and young people click here” above
  2. Then click the dropdown heading “information about local and national services and support"

Free hard copies of local In Your Corner resources

Promotional posters, leaflets, flyers and coasters are available free to organisations in Warrington. You can download a form to order the In Your Corner resources here. There are two sets of resources, one aimed at adult men and one aimed at young people, especially young men.

Social media resources

You can download suggested social media posts and graphics to promote the In Your Corner campaign here.

Young IYC

National In Your Corner campaign resources for schools

The Time to Change site has a range of free resources for schools, including an assembly PowerPoint, focusing on the In Your Corner campaign. This national resource, complements the local In Your Corner resources, as it promotes similar messages. However because the PowerPoint is national, it doesn’t include local signposting, as the Warrington In Your Corner materials do.

Background information about the national and local In Your Corner campaigns is below.

In Your Corner – the national campaign

Time to Change developed the national In Your Corner campaign, as research identified that compared to women, men are:

  • Less knowledgeable about mental health, and have more negative attitudes.
  • Far less likely to report their own experiences of mental health problems and less likely to discuss mental health problems with a professional.
  • More likely to say that mental health problems are the result of a ‘lack of self-discipline and willpower’.
  • Three times more likely to take their own lives than women. Suicide is the leading cause of death in men under 50.

Background to Warrington’s In Your Corner campaign

Between December 2016 and February 2017 a group of local organisations led by Warrington Borough Council’s Public Health Team, circulated a survey to ask local men their views on mental health. 583 local men responded to the survey. Of these 60% felt that the men they knew were unlikely to recognise symptoms of mental health problems in themselves; and 75% thought it unlikely that men they knew would go to see their GP if they were feeling down. The results of the survey were analysed and recommendations drawn up. The Men’s Mental Health Task and Finish Group, which developed the local survey, responded to the report's recommendations by adapting the national In Your Corner campaign, for Warrington. 

* The In Your Corner stool is the type used by a corner man in a boxing match. The corner man’s role is to assist his teammate in the ring.