Follow the steps below to find a range of local and national support services and resources:

Mental health support for men
To find details of mental health support services for men.

  1. Click the blue button “adults click here” above
  2. Then click the drop down heading “organisations which support men”

Warrington Voluntary Action has also published a men’s health page to mark Movember, this outlines local and national resources and services for men.

General mental health support

To find information about general mental health support services:

  1. Click one of the blue, age related buttons “children and young people”, “adults” or “older people”
  2. Then look under the drop down heading “Information about local and national services and support”

Urgent mental health support

To find details of support if someone is experiencing a mental health crisis, or is feeling suicidal click I need urgent help.

Free suicide prevention resources
For details of free, downloadable suicide prevention resources click here. The resources include:

  • links to local and national support services and self-care resources
  • free training
  • a local flowchart and infographics 
  • anti-stigma materials
  • how to start a difficult conversation
  • Keep safe plans
  • suicide prevention resources
  • suicide bereavement resources
  • the Stay Alive app

Mental health and wellbeing campaign resources

Additional free resources, to promote mental health and wellbeing, can be found here.

Posting on social media

If you'd like to promote men's mental health and suicide prevention online, you can download suggested social media posts, as a Word document, here.

In Your Corner: a mental health campaign for men and young people

Adult Men IYC

The In Your Corner campaign encourages men and young people to look out for their mates; and to be more supportive of people experiencing mental health problems.

More details about the In Your Corner campaign, including wording and images for social media, can be found here.