Accessibility statement

Warrington Borough Council is committed to making the Happy? OK? Sad? website as accessible as possible for all. We aim to meet the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 in all parts of the website. Please let us know if you have any difficulty accessing information on the website.

We cannot accept responsibility for external or third party websites, or applications, which may not meet the same accessibility standards.

We are working to ensure this website is easily readable, and uses plain English. If you have any problem understanding the information on this website; or feel improvements could be made to the way it is written, then please let us know.

Altering settings to make the website easier to use
There are a number of settings you can alter, which may make it easier for you to use this website. These include:

  • increasing the size of the text on the screen
  • having the text read to you by the computer
  • changing the colour of the text, or the background colour

You can make the above changes in a number of ways. For instance, you can increase the size of the text through your computer’s settings, through short cuts on your keyboard, or through your browser. Depending on which browser you use, you may also be able to change the colour of the text, or the background colour.

Changing text size through your browser
You can change the text size through your browser in the following ways:

  • Internet Explorer: Select the "View" menu, then "Text size"
  • FireFox: Select the "View" menu, then "Zoom" or "Zoom text only"
  • Safari: Select the "View" menu, then "Make text bigger" or "Make text smaller"
  • Opera: Select the "View" menu, then "Zoom"
  • Google Chrome: Go to the settings menu, then select “Zoom”

Listen to the site using a screen reader
If you have difficulty reading the webpages, you can listen using a screen reader. Most computers and internet browsers have them built-in, you can find out more about accessibility options and setting them up on the RNIB website

Phones and tablets
The Happy? OK? Sad? site has been designed to be as accessible as possible for mobile and tablet devices. If you come across a page that does not display correctly on your device please let us know so that we can make improvements.

Downloads and documents
Where possible, documents on the website are in PDF format, this allows them to be downloaded and viewed on most devices. You will need Adobe Reader software, most devices come with a copy of this installed, but you can also download it from Adobe's website.

Please let us know if you have any difficulty with this website; or would like to make suggestions for improvements.