I Need HelpWe all deserve to enjoy life and feel good about ourselves. Sometimes however life can be tough.

Whether you’re feeling great and want to stay that way, you’re a bit fed up; or you’re struggling to manage your feelings, this site has links to information and tips ranging from how to boost your mood, to where to get help if you’re unable to cope.

The site has been developed for people who live or work in Warrington, so some of the services and resources are only for people in Warrington. The words Localservice2 indicate which services are aimed at Warrington residents. Many of the links are for national sites however, so the information will be relevant wherever in England you live.

So that it's easier for you to find what you're looking for, we've divided the site into different sections.

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Time to Talk Day, 4 February 2021
Free resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused additional stress and pressure for all of us. Because of this, it’s important we make time to talk about how we’re feeling and that we also ask others if they’re OK. The Time to Talk Day campaign encourages us all to break down barriers, by talking about mental healthThe campaign's theme, “the power of small”, emphasises that small acts, such as a conversation, can make a big difference. Time to Change is asking us to be more open about mental health, to talk, to listen and to help change lives through conversation.

Talking about mental health doesn’t have to be difficult. Below are ideas for how you could get involved, as well as details of free resources to help you start conversations about mental health.

Ways you could get involved include:

  • Asking a colleague or friend “how are you” and really listening to their answer.
  • Downloading some Time to Change resources and using them on social media, in your workplace, or community.
  • Downloading and using some of the free mental health campaign resources from this site.
  • Finding out more about Warrington Time to Change Hub and how you can challenge stigma at work, or in your community.
  • Completing one of the free, mental health and wellbeing e-learning sessions, outlined here, or on Warrington Training Hub.


    Children’s Mental Health Week
    1-7 February 2021

    Children’s Mental Health Week takes place between 1 and 7 February 2021. The theme for the campaign is “Express Yourself”. During the week Place2Be is encouraging children and adults to share feelings, thoughts and ideas, through activities they enjoy.

    The free campaign resources include materials for schools, youth groups, parents and carers. The resources can be adapted for use in school, or at home.

    Additional mental health and wellbeing resources for children and young people can be found here.


    COVID-19 and mental wellbeing

    Times of change and uncertainty can be stressful. Because of this it's important we all remember to look after our mental wellbeing, as well as our physical health. 

    On this page you'll find tips and resources to help you take care of your mental wellbeing, during the pandemic. The information covers coping with difficult feelings, staying connected with friends and family, looking after your physical health, and making time for relaxation. The page also includes links to helpful resources, national support services and government advice.

    In addition to the COVID-19 and mental wellbeing page, this site has another section on mental wellbeing, which includes links to a range of free, evidence-based resources. To find this area of the site, click one of the blue age-related buttons above, then click the heading "looking after our mental wellbeing"


    Mental wellbeing and work

    COVID-19 has changed the way many of us work, and has brought new stresses and challenges for us to deal with. Working from home, travelling to work during the pandemic and job uncertainty can all have a negative impact on our mental wellbeing.

    Whatever setting you work in, there is a number of things you can do to look after your own mental wellbeing and to support the mental wellbeing of your staff, or workmates. You can find details of free training, resources and initiatives to support mental wellbeing in your workplace here.


    Bereavement Support on Happy? OK? Sad?

    The bereavement information on this site has been expanded and now covers the following areas: 

    • What to do after someone dies
    • Changes because of COVID-19
    • Finances and bereavement
    • How to find a bereavement counsellor
    • Support for adults
    • Support for children and young people
    • Support following suicide
    • Free downloadable booklets and leaflets on bereavement
    • Details of some local faith groups

    To find the bereavement information: 

    1. Click the blue “adults” button above
    2. Then scroll down to the dropdown heading “Organisations offering bereavement support”.

    Similar information can be found on the older people’s page. The details of bereavement support on the children and young people’s page is tailored for the younger age group.


    Local, 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Line
     0800 051 1508

    The local Mental Health Crisis Line is: 
    Instagram Tile 3 Halton Knowlsley Warrington St Helens Grey

    • available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
    • for people experiencing a mental health crisis, who need urgent support
    • for people concerned that a friend or family member is in a mental health crisis
    • for people who live in Warrington, Halton, Knowsley or St Helens 
    • for people of all ages, including children and young people
    • free to call

    You can find more details about the Crisis Line, which is run by North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, here.


    Free mental health & suicide prevention e-learning

    Due to COVID-19 all face to face training organised by Warrington’s Public Health Team has been cancelled until 2021. There are however a number of local and national organisations offering free e-learning sessions on mental health and wellbeing and suicide prevention. More details can be found here.


    In Your Corner
    Warrington's mental health campaign for men and young people

    The aim of the In Your Corner campaign is to encourage men and young people, to look out for their mates; and to be more supportive of people experiencing mental health problems.

    For more details about the campaign, including wording and graphics for social media posts, click here.

    To find details of support services designed especially for men, click here, then scroll down to the heading "organisations which support men".

    Adult Men IYC