World Mental Health Day 2019

The aims of World Mental Health (WMHD) 2019 are to challenge mistaken views of suicide; to enable people to identify risk factors for suicide; and to learn how to address them.

There are lots of ways you can get involved and help to make a difference, not only in the lead up to WMHD, but throughout the rest of the year too. Ways you could get involved include:

  • taking one of the suicide prevention training sessions (see below)
  • downloading and using some of the free suicide prevention resources, from the front line workers' page of this site
  • promoting WMHD on social media, or encouraging your workplace to (Warrington's Public Health Team can provide suggested wording and images)
  • Downloading and familiarising yourself with the Stay Alive App (which includes details of Warrington support services)

Support Services

Urgent support
If you are looking for information about support for someone in crisis, then click here.

Bereavement support
This site includes details of organisations and websites which offer information, support or advice to people who have experienced bereavement. Some of the organisations listed were set up specifically to support people bereaved by suicide, others have a page, or section relating to bereavement by suicide.

To find information about bereavement support:

  1. Click the “adults” button or the "older people's" button above
  2. Then scroll down to the heading “organisations offering bereavement support”

Free Suicide Prevention Training

Basic Suicide Prevention 
Warrington’s Public Health Team offers a free half-day Basic Suicide Prevention training session. The session is for front line workers and volunteers, from not-for-profit organisations, which support people in Warrington.

The purpose of the session is to:

  • enable people to recognise when someone might feel suicidal
  • increase people’s confidence to raise the issue of suicide with people they're concerned about
  • increase people’s knowledge of support services

The session will be delivered on the dates below, all sessions are 9.30am-1.00pm. To book a place on one of the sessions, click the date you want to attend and follow the instructions below.

31 October 2019
13 November 2019  
5 December 2019  
28 January 2020
26 February 2020


Booking a place

If it’s your first time using the online booking system, you’ll need to register before you can book on. Once on the site, just click the “sign up” link (top right on the Training Hub website), fill in the form and submit. It may take one or two working days before you receive confirmation that your registration is complete. If you’ve booked on to training through this system before, then you’ll already be registered and once you’ve logged into the site you’ll be able to book a place on the session.

The Basic Suicide Prevention session is free, but charges are made for late cancellation, non-attendance and attending if you’re not eligible. You can download the cancellation and non-attendance policy as a PDF here.

If you have any queries about training bookings, or charges please email

Online suicide prevention training
We'd encourage anyone interested in suicide prevention training to attend the taught session, outlined above. We recognise however, that this might not be possible for everyone. If you are unable to attend the taught session, then you might be interested in one of the free online suicide prevention sessions. For more details click the blue “front line workers” button (top right on this page), then scroll down to the heading “free online suicide prevention training".

Free suicide prevention resources to download

The front line workers' page on this site also has a section on free suicide prevention resources, provided by different organisations.

The materials listed in this section include:

  • anti-stigma resources
  • flowcharts for routes into services
  • safe plans
  • leaflets for people bereaved by suicide
  • leaflets for people who feel suicidal
  • details of free online and taught suicide prevention training

To find this information click the blue “front line workers” button (top right on this page), then scroll down to the heading “suicide prevention resources”.

Free, Happy? OK? Sad? materials

If you'd like to order some of the free, Happy? OK? Sad? materials, to signpost people to this site, then please complete and return this PDF order form. (Please note, the materials are only for distribution in Warrington).