Mental health & wellbeing resources for children & young people

This site includes several sections aimed at children, young people, or those supporting them. The text below explains where on the site you can find this information.

Links to free mental health resources

A wide range of free local and national mental health and wellbeing resources, which have been designed especially for children and young people, can be accessed through this site. The materials include:

  • Mental health and wellbeing resources for schools
  • Leaflets, booklets and fact sheets on different aspects of mental health, for young people, parents, carers and staff
  • Training relating to young people’s mental health and wellbeing

To find details of these resources:

  1. Click the blue button “front line workers” above
  2. Then look under the drop down heading “Resources for children, young people & the adults who support them”

Support services for young people

This site has a page for children and young people, which details the mental health information and support they can access themselves. To find this:

  1. Click the blue button “children and young people” above
  2. Then look under the dark heading “information and support”

Signposting or referring a child or young person into services

Details of how to refer a child or young person into mental health services are outlined on the front line workers' page. Some of the services listed in this section are specialised and require referral by a professional working with the individual or family. To find this information:

  1. Click the blue button “Front line workers” above
  2. Then click the drop down heading “Signposting or referring children or young people into services”

Happy? OK? Sad? promotional materials

Flyers, leaflets, posters and bookmarks signposting people to this site are available free. (The materials include a poster designed especially for young people). These materials can be ordered from the Resource Centre’s website. Happy? OK? Sad? pull-up banners and bunting are also available on loan from the Resource Centre.

Before you order, or book resources out on loan, you will need to become a member of the Resource Centre. Membership is free and is open to people who live or work in Warrington. To register as a member, click the "log in/register" link, which is top right on the homepage of the Resource Centre’s site.

In Your Corner – local mental health resources for young people

The aim of Warrington's In Your Corner campaign is to encourage young people, to look out for their mates; and to be more supportive of people experiencing mental health problems.

The In Your Corner campaign stool* and banner are available on loan, to help raise awareness of mental health problems amongst young people.

Everyone who books the campaign stool and banner receives an information pack. The pack includes leaflets, flyers and posters developed especially for young people in Warrington. You can book the stool and banner from the Resource Centre’s website. You can read more about the local In Your Corner campaign here.

If you’re not able to accommodate the In Your Corner stool and banner in your venue, but would still like to promote the campaign, then you can order free, In Your Corner materials (flyers, posters, and leaflets) from the Resource Centre’s website.* The "In Your Corner" stool is the type used by a corner man in a boxing match. The corner man’s role is to assist his teammate in the ring.

National In Your Corner materials for schools

The national Time to Change site has In Your Corner materials for schools, which can be downloaded free. These resources include:

  • four scripted session plans
  • video clips
  • a range of posters and materials
  • a booklet of ideas for getting the whole school community involved

The national In Your Corner materials, complement the local ones, as they promote similar messages. However as these materials are national, they don’t include local signposting, as the Warrington In Your Corner materials do.

Make Time and the Five Ways to Wellbeing

The mental wellbeing campaign Make Time encourages us to do everyday things, which can help us feel good about ourselves. The Make Time materials are aimed at adults, but many of the messages are still relevant to children and young people. The Children’s Society has slightly adapted the Five Ways to Wellbeing (on which Make Time is based) and has included “Be creative and play” as a way for children to improve their wellbeing, (rather than “give”, which is in the adult version of the Five Ways to Wellbeing).

Make Time asks us to think about and act on the questions below:

  • When was the last time you laughed until you cried?
  • When was the last time you got up and out?
  • When was the last time you noticed things around you?
  • When was the last time you tried something new?
  • When was the last time you made someone smile?

You can order free Make Time materials from the Resource Centre’s website. The resources include postcards, bookmarks and hard copies of the 5 image sheet (PDF) and the prompt sheet (PDF). Pull-up banners promoting the Make Time campaign are also available on loan from the Resource Centre.

The Make Time prompt sheet, though not aimed at young people, is clear and colourful and explains the Make Time campaign without using jargon. The sheet encourages people to think about what they do now to feel good about themselves, and what else they might do. It could be used in 1-1s with young people, or young people could fill it in themselves.

Please note: the Happy? OK? Sad?, In Your Corner and Make Time materials which Warrington Health Promotion Resource Centre provides, are only for use within Warrington.