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I Need HelpWe all deserve to enjoy life and feel good about ourselves. Sometimes however life can be tough.

Whether you’re feeling great and want to stay that way, you’re a bit fed up; or you’re struggling to manage your feelings, this site has links to information and tips ranging from how to boost your mood, to where to get help if you’re unable to cope.

The site has been developed for people living in Warrington, so some of the services are for local people only. The words Localservice2 indicate which services are aimed at Warrington residents. Many of the links are for national sites however, so the information will be relevant wherever in England you live.

So that it's easier for you to find what you're looking for, we've divided the site into different sections.

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FREE online suicide prevention training

The Zero Suicide Alliance has developed "Let's Talk" an online suicide prevention training session, which is available free to the general public. The session covers the key issues, offers practical guidance and takes about 20 minutes. 

As this online session is national, it doesn’t cover details of Warrington’s mental health support services, but you can find information about how to access local support services by clicking one of the blue age related buttons above, then looking under the dark heading "information and support"Alternatively, click the "I need urgent help" button above, for details of how to get support in Warrington, if someone can't cope and needs help right now.

A free, half-day, classroom-based, Basic Suicide Prevention training session is offered by Warrington's Public Health Team. This taught session is open to front line workers and volunteers in Warrington, and is more in-depth than the 20 minute online session. For details of the half-day taught session, click the blue button "front line workers click here" above, and scroll down to the heading "training for front line workers and volunteers".


Join us promoting “In Your Corner”
Warrington’s mental health campaign for men

In Your Corner - men's mental health campaign

Following a local survey in 2016-2017, Warrington Borough Council and partners have adopted the national In Your Corner campaign. This is a five-year men’s mental health campaign, run by the anti-stigma project Time to Change. The aim of the campaign is to encourage men to look out for their mates; and to be more supportive of the 1 in 4 of us who experience mental health problems in any given year.

Information, advice and support for men
To find a list of services which offer information, advice or support to men who are finding it hard to cope, take a look at the men’s mental health pages on this site. To find this information simply:

  1. Click on the blue “adults click here” button above
  2. Then click on the dropdown heading “organisations which support men”

For more details about the In Your Corner campaign and how your organisation or venue could get involved click here.