I Need HelpWe all deserve to enjoy life and feel good about ourselves. Sometimes however life can be tough.

Whether you’re feeling great and want to stay that way, you’re a bit fed up; or you’re struggling to manage your feelings, this site has links to information and tips ranging from how to boost your mood, to where to get help if you’re unable to cope.

The site has been developed for people living in Warrington, so some of the services are for local people only. The words Localservice2 indicate which services are aimed at Warrington residents. Many of the links are for national sites however, so the information will be relevant wherever in England you live.

So that it's easier for you to find what you're looking for, we've divided the site into different sections.

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World Mental Health Day
Wednesday 10 October 2018

Every year World Mental Health Day falls on 10 October. The theme of the day changes, but the overarching aims of the day remain the same. The focus is to:

  • raise awareness of mental health issues
  • raise awareness of mental health support services
  • highlight how people can improve or maintain their own mental wellbeing
  • challenge stigma in relation to mental health problems

The theme for this year's World Mental Health Day was “young people and mental health in a changing world”. You can find out more about the campaign from the website of the World Federation for Mental Health.

Free "In Your Corner" mental health resources for young people

To mark World Mental Health Day, WBC's Public Health Team launched a set of local mental health resources for young people. Warrington's "In Your Corner" campaign materials were developed by a local partnership group, with support from the national anti-stigma project Time to Change.

Helens 2Nd Image Young IYC

The young "In Your Corner" campaign is aimed largely at young men, though the messages are relevant to all young people. The aims of the campaign are to:

  • Help young people recognise mental health problems in themselves and others.
  • Break down stigma in relation to mental health problems.
  • Encourage young people to seek support if they need it.
  • Encourage young people to support their mates (and be in their corner) if they are acting differently, or finding it hard to cope. 
  • Let young people know they can find links to mental health information, advice and support by clicking on the"Children and young people" button above, then looking under the heading "Information about local and national services and support". 

Booking the young "In Your Corner" resources

We’re inviting organisations across Warrington to host the "In Your Corner" campaign stool* to challenge stigma and raise young people’s awareness of mental health issues. Each venue or team which hosts the stool will also get an information pack which includes an explanation of the young people’s campaign; and Warrington specific resources (leaflets, flyers and coasters), relating to young people’s mental health. 

If you would like to host the campaign stool, then please email resources@warrington.gov.uk or ring 01925 443193. (There are "In Your Corner" campaign materials for adult men too, so when you book the stool please make it clear whether you want the resources for adult men, or for young people).

* The "In Your Corner" stool is the type used by a corner man in a boxing match. The corner man’s role is to assist his teammate in the ring.

Getting help or support

For a directory of organisations which can offer information, advice or support in relation to a wide range of mental health problems, click one of the blue age related buttons above and look under the drop down heading. "Information about local and national services and support". Almost all the services in this section accept self-referrals, people don't need a health or social care worker to refer them.

If someone can't cope and needs help right now, click "I need urgent help" above.

Signposting or referring a child or young person into services

Information on the front line workers' page of this site gives more detail about how to refer a child or young person into mental health services. Many of the services listed in this section of the website are specialised and require referral by a professional working with the individual or family. To find this information:

  1. Click the“Front line workers” button above
  2. Then click the drop down heading “Signposting or referring children or young people into services”